About us

Safi Nursery was founded in 1988, as makers of Cement Pots and later became producer and supplier of all types of plants in year 2000.  

We are makers of cement pots & specialist in all types of cements Pots. Apart from cement pots manufacturing we are producers and suppliers of all types of plants  and large specimen plants.

We take special orders for making exclusive custom designed Cement Pots. Mosaic finish pots in all sizes are available with us. 

Specialization: Cement Pots

 We are specialized in Cement Pots. Those include the following.

  • Chaudhary Pots
  • Matka Pots
  • IT Pots
  • Flat Base Pots
  • Lanco Pots
  • Lotus Pots
  • Naav Pots
  • Rectangle Pots
  • Square Pots
  • Tikona Pots